Ashleen Rosanna Chand


My name is Ashleen Rosanna Chand – I was born in 1994 and raised in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. When I was about 12 years old I realized my passion and interests lived within the Arts! Since then, I’ve immersed myself into different projects, a clothing line called MCXV based off of Street Wear- my favorite style and working on an album that speaks my life and once released, I hope it connects with everyone else who maybe going through those same moments.  I follow my day to day life with the thought of happiness and wanting my life to be filled with no regrets. If I want to gain another skill and have enough passion to do so, I will pursue it. I urge all those who are reading this right now to always keep going on the things you love. Never let one failure stop you from continuing on the path of your dreams. It’s all a part of your growth and building strength. I look forward to sharing with all of you my journey and accomplishments.

This blog is about anything I find interesting and any suggestions you may have! I have no limits to what I post; from travel to beauty I touch base on it all!


“If you Believe in yourself, anything is possible”

– Anonymous


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